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Govenment of Sri Lanka

Department of Animal
& Health

Faculty of Veterinary
& Animal Science

Virology Division

VeterinaryResearch Officer
BVc (Sri Lanka),
Diploma in Poultry Pathology(Japan)
MVSc.(The Netherland)
Dr. H Kothalawala
Dr.S. PuvanendiranVeterinary Research Officer
BVSc (SL),
Mphil (Sri Lanka), PhD(USA)
Dr.S. RalapanawaVeterinary Research Officer
BVSc University of Peradeniya (SL),
MSc (Applied Microbiology) Sri Lanka - On study leave
Dr. J.M.K.G.K. JayasundaraVeterinary Research Officer
BVSc University of Peradeniya (SL),
MSc University of Peradeniya - On study leave
Dr.S.A.E. Abeyratne Veterinary Research Officer
BVSc University of Peradeniya (SL)
Mr. H. Maithripala Research Assistant
Mr. H.A. Wijithasiri Research Assistant
Mrs. D.H.S.P Meththananda Research Assistant
Mrs.A.B.M.H.Priyadarshani Research Assistant
Mr.M.M.P.S.K.Chandrasena Research Assistant
Miss.W.M.H.G.M.B.K.Jayathilake Research Assistant
Mrs.D.M.M.Darshani Research Assistant
Mrs.W.P.Amarawansa Development Officer

    1. The main service functions of the virology division are listed below:

    1. Diagnosis of following poultry viral diseases
      • New Castle Disease (ND)
        Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD)
        Avian Influenza (AI)
        Infectious Bronchitis (IB)
        Reo virus infection
        Infectious Laryngotrachitis (ILT)
        Avian Encephalomyelitis (AE)
    2. Testing samples from Animal qurantine station for viral diseases with special reference to Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and bovine viral diarrhea (BVD)
    3. ND virus seed preparation for vaccine production
    4. FMD vaccine production
    5. Preparation of auto vaccines such as Papillomatosis (wart) and Caprine Pustular Dermatitis (CPD)
    6. Quality control of Newcastle Disease (ND) , Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and auto vaccines
    7. Preparation and maintenance of primary cell cultures (chick embryo and chick kidney) and continuous cell lines (BHK 21 )
    8. Maintenance of clean poultry flock to obtain eggs for vaccine production and idsease diagnosis
    9. Providing laboratory training for undergraduate and postgraduate students and research assistants
    10. Providing training for farmers
    11. Preparation and distribution of virus transport media to regional VICs
    12. Production and issuing of ultrapure water and reverse osmosis (RO) water

      3. Recently Developed Products :

    1. Newcastle Disease vaccine - Primary and booster vaccines
    2. FMD vaccine
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