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Govenment of Sri Lanka

Department of Animal
& Health

Faculty of Veterinary
& Animal Science

Molecular Biology

Veterinary Research Officer
BVSc. (Sri Lanka)
PhD (Australia)
Dr. G. A. Gunawardana
Dr. P. P. JayasekaraVeterinary Research Officer-BVSc. (Sri Lanka)
Mr. I. S. B. Atapattu Livestock Development Officer
Dip. In Animal Husbandry (Sri Lanka)
Ms. E. G. M. S. Senevirathna Development Officer
BA(Peradeniya)-(Sri Lanka)

Services carried out by the division:

Since this is a newly established division,
  1. Research on livestock using molecular techniques

  2. Identification of sire, dam and offspring of cattle and goat

  3. Assistance for students, veterinarians and graduates to conduct research

  4. Technical advice to field veterinarians and industry personal

  5. Examination of selected antimicrobial resistant genes in bacteria

  6. Examiners of various level graduates
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