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Govenment of Sri Lanka

Department of Animal
& Health

Faculty of Veterinary
& Animal Science

Dairy Technology Lab

Deputy Director (Research)
BSc. (Agric) (Honours)
M.Phil (Ruminant Nutrition)
Ph.D. (Dairy Chemistry)
Dr. U.L.P. Mangalika
Dr. A.P.D.G. PathiranaVeterinary Research Officer
BVSc. (Sri Lanka), MSc.(UK)
Mrs. D.M.M.C. Sirisena Research Assistant
Miss. W.A.P.P. Weeragalla Research Assistant
Miss. MVI KumariResearch Assistant

AIM: Provide support for dairy producers and processors to help them in their efforts to increase the quality of raw and processed milk and milk products and to assure the safety and wholesomeness of dairy products.

01.Technical services

  1. Analytical & advisory services for Dairy Industry for quality assurance (as a 3rd party analysis acceptable to farmers and milk collectors) –on request.
  2. Testing of milk & milk products for Composition, Keeping Quality Adulterants, Physical Properties & microbiological quality.
  3. Assistance to establish basic milk quality testing facilities at regional level Veterinary Investigation Centres and any other organization.
  4. Requirements & specifications, analytical techniques, Milk adulteration testing kits & trainings.
  5. Assistance to calibrate milk analytical equipment & glassware.
  6. Standardization of analytical techniques used at field level.
  7. Carry out field investigations related into milk and milk product quality improvement.
  8. Development of value added dairy based products and processing techniques and introduce those techniques to dairy processing industry.
  9. Teaching and training of officers, middle level technicians, farmers under graduate & graduate students on Dairy Chemistry, Dairy Microbiology, Dairy Processing and milk & Milk product quality testing.
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