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Govenment of Sri Lanka

Department of Animal
& Health

Faculty of Veterinary
& Animal Science

Central Poultry Research Station

Head of the Division
Veterinary Surgeon (Grade -1)
B.V.Sc. (Sri Lanka)
Master on Experimental Biotechnology (Peradeniya)
Master on Public Administration and Management- (Colombo)
PhD in Animal Breeding (Reading)- (Peradeniya)
Dr (Mrs).M.B.D.Lakmalie
Dr (Mrs).U.G.V.S.S.KumaraVeterinary Research Officer
BVSc. (Sri Lanka),M.Phil on Animal Breeding- Reading(Peradeniya)
Mr.C.F.Bulathge Livestock Promotion Officer (SLTS-Supra)
B.Sc (Agri.)Sp (Peradeniya), Dip. in Agriculture (SL), Diploma in Dairy Husbandry & Milk Processing (NL), Diploma in Animal Feed (NL), (Coordinating officer- Two Research Farms)
Mr.M.N.Perera Livestock Development Officer (Class-1)
B.Sc(Agri)Sp (Peradeniya), Diploma in Animal Husbandry (SLSAH), (Farm Manager-Animal Experiment Farm- Gannoruwa.)
Ms R.M.S. MalkanthiResearch Assistant
Training Course on Veterinary Laboratory Technology
Mr.A.B.Amunugama Livestock Development Officer (Class-1)
Diploma in Animal Husbandry (SLSAH),(Farm Manager-Central Poultry Research Station-
Mrs. A.K. Mahagama Field Assistant


The total extend of Karandagolla Farm was 20.24 ha. This farm belonged to the Department of Animal Production & Health (DAPH) under Ministry of Agriculture in 1954 and it was handed over to the National Livestock Development Board (NLDB) in 1982. In 1999, 9.8675 ha area of land was separated from NLDB and this farm was called as Central Poultry Research Station (CPRS) under the DAPH.

Services of the Station:

  1. The CPRS was established in order to distribute good quality day old chicks (DOC) among the poultry farmers to upgrade their indigenous birds and to carry out research activities on poultry in order to improve the poultry industry in Sri Lanka.
  2. Other than that, demonstration programs, awareness programs and some research activities have been conducted for the University students, farmers, and diploma students as the requests made by the relevant authorities at the premises of CPRS.
  3. At present, CPRS is issuing day old chicks (100% Village chicken, 50% Village and Broiler birds, 75% village and 25% broiler birds) to many farms under DAPH.
  4. other Institutes for different projects (Mahaweli authority program, and NGO Livestock programs) and as the direct requests made by the farmers. At the provincial level, they have brought chicks from CPRS in order to establish their parent stock to meet their provincial requirement, which has been made by the farmers within the province.
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