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Govenment of Sri Lanka

Department of Animal
& Health

Faculty of Veterinary
& Animal Science

Coordination and Management Unit

Mrs.C.I Ekanayake BA Sri Lanka
BA Sri Lanka
Development Officer
Miss.B.M.P Kumuduni Baranagala
BA Sri Lanka
Development Officer
Mrs.R.D.Wijesinghe BA Sri Lanka
BA Sri Lanka
Development Officer
Mrs. M.I.S Marasinghe Dip. in Animal Husbandary Sri Lanka
Dip.in Agri Business Mgt Sri Lanka Uni.Of Sabaragamuwa
Livestock Development Officer

Special service functions of the Coordination and Management Unit:

  • Technical Reception.
  • Registration and Direction of client to relevant divisions.
  • Coordination of minor tender evaluation commitee.
  • Collection,review and processsing of annual requirement.
  • Collection,review and process of annualy technical exame and product progress report
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