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Govenment of Sri Lanka

Department of Animal
& Health

Faculty of Veterinary
& Animal Science

Veterinary Research Institute - Gannoruwa
Department of Animal Production and Health

DivisionNumberServiceTime taken
35Analysis of Soil sample for Basic Element 02 Days
36Analysis of Soil sample (Full Analysis) 07 Days
37Soil Salinity and PH01 Day
38Forage Seed Analysis (Germination)25 Days
39Forage Seed Analysis (Viability)06 Days
40Aerobic Bacterial count Anaerobic in Dairy Product 06 Days
41Identifying Coli form and Aerobic Bacteria in Aerobic Bacterial count10 Days
42Aerobic Bacteria AND Coli form Count 06 Days
43Salmonella Antigen 02 Weeks
44Starter Cultures 04 weeks
45Brucella , Leptospira Test01 Month
46Histo pathological Examination 01 Week
47Preparation of warts and CPD vaccines05 Days
48Virus Isolation (NCD, AI, IBD, Foul pox) 05 Days
49Serum ELISA Test (NCD,AI, IBD, IB,REO, AE, Swine Fever)03 Days
50Identification of blood parasites30 Minutes
51Identification of Gastro-intestinal parasites in Dung samples 30 Minutes
52Detection of eggs per gram of faeces (EPG)30 Minutes
53Identification of Lung Warms 01 Day
54Identification of cryptosporidium oocysts01 Hour
55Detection of authelmintic resistance18 Days
56Detection of external parasites in skin scrapings 30 Minutes
57Production of Tick Fever Vaccine 06 Months
58Morphological Identification of Parasites (Worms, Arthropods)02 Weeks
59Identification of Coccidia oocysts in Litter02 Days
Animal Breeding
60Identification of Meat sample03 Days
Central Poultry
Research Station
60Issuing of Day Old Chicks03 Months
60Issuing of Parent Birds for Poultry Breeding 02 Months
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