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Govenment of Sri Lanka

Department of Animal
& Health

Faculty of Veterinary
& Animal Science

Veterinary Research Institute - Gannoruwa Department of Animal Production and Health CITIZENS’ / CLIENTS’ CHARTER

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DivisionNumberServiceTime taken
Central Veterinary Investigation Center
1Teat dip Solution01 Day
2CMT Reagent01 Day
3Udder Infusion Base02 Days
4Magnesium Sulphate Solution02 Hours
5Water—Microbiological Examination03 Days
6Water Complete Quality Test03 Days
7Water—Biological Oxygen Demand02 Days
8Tissue samples—Microbiological Examination 03 Days
9Feed samples03 Days
10Other samples03 Days
11Post Mortem—Poultry and Small Animals01 Hours
12Post Mortem—Large Animals05 Hours
13Advisory and TrainingAccording to necessity
14Analysis of feed for Moisture Ash and Sand 05 Hours
15Analysis of feed for crude Protean03 Days
16Analysis of feed for crude Fiber 04 Days
17Analysis of feed for crude ether Extract02 Days
18Analysis of feed for Calcium and other Trace Mineral05 Days
19Analysis of feed for Phosphorus05 Days
20Analysis of feed for grass Energy03 Days
21Analysis of feed for all Proximate component 07 Days
22Analysis of feed for all Proximate component and Mineral 08 Days
23Analysis of Milk for Fat01 Day
24Analysis of Milk for Solid Non-fat (SNF)02 Days
25Analysis of Milk for keeping Quality02 Days
26Analysis of Milk for adulterants 02 Days
27Analysis of Milk for Fat, SNF, keeping Quality of adulterant 02 Days
28Analysis of Milk for Protean 03 Days
29Analysis of Milk for Lactose 03 Days
30Analysis of Blood samples for Mineral 05 Day
31Animal Feed Formulation05 Day
32Training for Animal Feed AnalysisAccording to necessity
33Training for Milk AnalysisAccording to necessity
34Training on Ration Formulation and Feed Milling According to necessity
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