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Govenment of Sri Lanka

Department of Animal
& Health

Faculty of Veterinary
& Animal Science


Veterinary Research Officer
BVSc. (Sri Lanka)
MSc (Sri Lanka)
PhD (UK)
Dr. P.S Fernando
Dr. M.A.R PriyanthaVeterinary Research Officer-BVSc. (Sri Lanka)
MSc (Sri Lanka)-On study leave
Dr. N LiyanagunawardenaVeterinary Research Officer-BVSc. (Sri Lanka)
MSc (Sri Lanka)
Dr.K.M.S.G.WeerasooriyaVeterinary Research Officer-BVSc. (Sri Lanka)
MVSc (Sri Lanka)
Postgraduate Diploma in Biostatistics(Sri Lanka)
Mr. S.A. Thalagoda Research Assistant-Two year course in Veterinary Laboratory Technology (SL)
Mrs. P.S. de Alwis Research Assistant-Dip. In Animal Husbandry. (Sri Lanka) -Two year course in Veterinary Laboratory Technology (SL)
Mrs. G. Wijewardana Research Assistant. (Sri Lanka) -Two year course in Veterinary Laboratory Technology (SL)
Mrs. M.I. WijemuniResearch Assistant-Dip. Animal Husbandry (Sri Lanka)
Mrs. S.A.T.C. SamarakoonResearch Assistant-Dip. Animal Husbandry (Sri Lanka)
Mr. P.M.K.C.B. AbayarathneResearch Assistant-Dip. Animal Husbandry (Sri Lanka)

Funtions carried out by the Division of Bacteriology:


01. Research

                    . Research on Bacterial and Fungal diseases in livestock
                    . Research on developing Bilogical to control infectious diseases in livestock
                    . Research on Dairy Microbiology
                    . Research on updating and validating Diagnostic Techniques as required               for the livestock sector

02. Laboratory Services

                    . Functioning as the FAO HS Reference Laboratory for South East Asia
                    . National Reference Laboratory for Diagnosis of Brucellosis and Leptospirosis
                    . Microbiological Quality Testing of milk and milk products
                    . Quality Testing of HS, BQ, FC, FMD, NCD and tick fever vaccines
                    . Confirmatory diagnosis and serotyping of Salmonella serovars

03. Supply of Biological

                    . Starter culture for curd and yoghurt
                    . Antigen for screening of Salmonellosis of poultry
                    . S 19 vaccine for Brucellosis
                    . RBPT antigen and MRT antigen for screening of Brucellosis
                    . Bacterial seeds for HS , FC & BQ vaccines
                    . Udder infusion for Mastitis - lactating and dry cow therapy

04. Field Investigations

                    . Salmonella verfication of poultry grand Parent farms and breeder hatcheries
                    . Bovine Tuberculosis Investigation
                    . On farm Investigation of dary processing plants and provide technical               and advisory support to produce quality marketable products
                    . Investigation on Brucellosis and Leptospirosis
                    . Special field Investigation for Bacterial diseases on request

05. Technology Transfer

                    . Providing Technical Experty for developing livestock Health programmes               of the Department
                    . Participation as resource personnel for HRD programmes of the Department
                    . Training of VIOs, Veterinary Interness, Postgraduate, Undergraduate               and Diploma students and RAs
                    . Disseminating research findings in Scientific Forums
                    . Provision of Advisory services to Livestock and Poultry farmers to               increase farm production and qulity of the products
                    . Provision of Advisory services and training to dairy processors on request
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