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Govenment of Sri Lanka

Department of Animal
& Health

Faculty of Veterinary
& Animal Science

Animal Nutrition

Veterinary Research Officer
BVSc. (Sri Lanka)
MSc (Sri Lanka)
PhD (UK)
Dr. (Mrs.) MWCD Palliyaguru
Dr. WMPB WeerasingheVeterinary Research Officer
BVSc. (Sri Lanka), MSc. (Sri Lanka), PhD (UK)
Mrs. G.D.J.K. Gunarathna Research Assistant
Mrs. D.M.M.C. Sirisena Research Assistant
Mr. K.K.J.S. de Alwis Research Assistant
NDT (Agri.),BSc.(Agri),MSc.(Food Science & Technology)
Miss. H.M.A.K.H.K NavarathneResearch Assistant
Dip.in agriculture,Int.Dip. in Dairy Pro. & Milk Proce.
Mrs. R.A.T. Chandima Research Assistant
Mrs. A.M.H. Atapattu Research Assistant
Dip. In Animal Husbandry (Sri Lanka)


01.Technical services

  1. Analysing proximate composition (Moisture, Protein, Fat,Fibre, Ash & Sand ) and mineral composition (Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Copper, Cobalt & Manganese) of animal feed, feed ingredients, mineral mixtures, mineral supplements & blood
  2. Analysing composition of milk (Fat, SNF, Lactose, Protein and all minerals) and keeping quality of milk
  3. Formulating least cost feed rations for all kind of livestock animals and poultry
  4. Advisory services for livestock and poultry farmers
  5. Investigating problems related to animal nutrition of livestock and poultry.

02.Technology Transfer

  1. Conducting training programs on animal feed milling, processing and animal nutrition for officers, middle level technicians, feed manufactures and farmers
  2. Teaching and supervision of study programs on animal nutrition for diploma/undergraduate/postgraduate level students

03.Regulatory activities

  1. Reference laboratory under animal feed act of Sri Lanka
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