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Govenment of Sri Lanka

Department of Animal
& Health

Faculty of Veterinary
& Animal Science

Animal Breeding and Reproductive Physiology

Head of the Division
Veterinary Research Officer
B.V.Sc. (Sri Lanka), MSc (Sri Lanka), PhD (UK)
Dr. (Mrs.) MWCD Palliyaguru
Dr G.A.GunawardhanaVeterinary Research Officer BVSc. (Sri Lanka),PhD (Australia)
Ms R.M.S. MalkanthiVeterinary Research Assistant

Services of the Division:

    1 Technical Services:

  1. Herd fertility management in large and small herds.
  2. Livestock farm planning and management.
  3. Investigation into problems associates with production of livestock.
  4. 2. Techniques developed and used for services

  5. Identification of meat samples and animal products using PCR technique.
  6. 3. Training of Trainers

  7. . Training of officers and middle level technicians, farmers and other entrepreneurs on fertility management and manipulation of reproduction.
  8. Undergraduates/postgraduates teaching and supervision of studies, programs on Animal Breeding and genetics
  9. Resource persons in human resource development programs of the other stake holders
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