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Govenment of Sri Lanka

Department of Animal
& Health

Faculty of Veterinary
& Animal Science

Animal Breeding and Reproductive Physiology

Head of the Division
Veterinary Surgeon (Grade -1)
B.V.Sc. (Sri Lanka)
Master on Experimental Biotechnology (Peradeniya)
Master on Public Administration and Management- (Colombo)
PhD in Animal Breeding (Reading)- (Peradeniya)
Dr (Mrs).M.B.D.Lakmalie
Dr (Mrs).U.G.V.S.S.KumaraVeterinary Research Officer
BVSc. (Sri Lanka),M.Phil on Animal Breeding- Reading(Peradeniya)
Mr.C.F.Bulathge Livestock Development Officer (Supra)
B.Sc (Agri.)Sp (Peradeniya), Dip. in Agriculture (SL), Diploma in Dairy Husbandry & Milk Processing (NL), Diploma in Animal Feed (NL), (Coordinating officer- Two Research Farms)
Mr.M.N.Perera Livestock Development Officer (Class-1)
B.Sc(Agri)Sp (Peradeniya), Diploma in Animal Husbandry (SLSAH), (Farm Manager-Animal Experiment Farm- Gannoruwa.)
Ms R.M.S. MalkanthiResearch Assistant
Training Course on Veterinary Laboratory Technology
Mr.A.B.Amunugama Livestock Development Officer (Class-1)
Diploma in Animal Husbandry (SLSAH),(Farm Manager-Central Poultry Research Station-
Miss.S.N.C.P Jayasinghe Research Assistant
Diploma in Animal Husbandry (SLSAH)
Mr. A.S.B. Rathnayake Lab Assistant

Services of the Division:

    1. Research

    Poultry Research

  1. To improve the productivity and quality of egg and meat of local poultry breeds and strains of Sri Lanka.
  2. Breeding trails and upgrading Genetic potential of local poultry to cater future country needs.
  3. Livestock Animal Research

  4. To develop the productivity and quality of Livestock in Sri Lanka.
  5. To identifying the Breeding and Reproductive capability of Sri Lankan Livestock animals and increases the levels which are suitable according to the Breeding policy in Sri Lanka.
  6. Upgrading of genetic potential of local livestock animals by introducing new genes and doing crossing trials to select best phenotypical and genotipical characters to face in future threats and demands in Livestock sector in Sri Lanka.

    2. Technical Services:

  1. pecies Identification of meat samples by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Technique. (Cervus (Deer) family-Spotted deer, Sambhur (Elk),Barking deer and Hog deer, Cattle, Buffalo, Swine, Goat & Dog species).
  2. Supply of day old local chicks for backyard poultry farming.
  3. Technical advisory activities

  4. Herd fertility management in large and small herds.
  5. Livestock farm planning and Management.
  6. Investigation of problems associated with livestock production.
  7. Training Programe

  8. Officers and middle level technicians, farmers and other Entrepreneurs on fertility management, manipulation of Reproduction and Artificial Insemination.
  9. Diploma holders/Undergraduates/Post graduates teaching and Supervision of study programs on Animal Breeding and Genetics.
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